Filling the Voiceover Well

I find blogging to be exhausting.  It’s work.  Absolutely grueling work.  I love to cook.  I’m actually pretty good at it.  I will never make money as a food blogger.  Why?  Because I like to COOK.  Not write.  The same goes for voice over coaching.  I love to coach.  I love to work with students and see them start with head scratching and cluelessness and then watch the glorious light bulb come on, watch the magic come out, watch the PERSON emerge.  That’s’ what voiceover or any acting medium is all about in the end anyway.  Letting STUFF out.  Getting out of your own way so the characters can come through unimpeded.  But I don’t like writing about it!  So, I stalled this morning and looked at other peoples’ voiceover blogs instead.  That inspires me.  There are people that clearly seem to enjoy doing this.  And you should read them.

You might identify with this blog article called 10 Valuable Distractions, about taking some time to do something ELSE.  I write a lot about voiceover training, voiceover technique, voiceover script analysis, etc.  You must spend a lot of time yourself emerged in voiceover training and marketing and research.  I have blogged several times about “filling the well.”  I have discussed the absolute importance of living a rich and creative life, or else.  Or else you are in danger of having NOTHING to bring to the table.  To the read.  The read will be empty.  You must stop to fill the well.  I’ve recommended The Artists Way in a past Voiceover Gurus blog as a means of doing this many times as well.  This book will kick you in the ass till your creative juices are spilling out all over the place.  It’s a brilliant book.  It’s a brilliant way to take a break.

2 thoughts on “Filling the Voiceover Well

  1. J. Christopher Dunn

    Lesley, I know how you feel. My schedule is setup for me to write an amount each week for my blog. Sometimes, I stare intently at the screen, and my mind… goes… wandering… 10 Valuable Distractions was inspired during one of those episodes. I wrote it as if asking myself, “What else could I be doing instead of writing my next post?” The list came together nicely.

    There are weeks I write freestyle. The meandering, endless stream of consciousness sometimes churns up gems in the rough. I hang onto those and give them more attention in following weeks. Other times, it’s a screen full of disconnected drivel. So, I don’t post every week.


  2. AndrewCharlton

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