Just do a Voiceover “Something”

I offer a free voiceover consult on my website for an obvious reason, to gain new potential students.  But I also believe that I can spot major problems or potential by hearing someone read one script, and this way I get to immediately encourage them or scare them away.  But another reason I offer this consult is that most people are way more comfortable doing nothing.  They’re afraid to take risks, whether their emotional, financial, or otherwise.  This “free” consult removes part of the fear factor for them.  It’s great to allow a tiny way for people to take one small step on the path to bravery and action and pursuing a passion.  It’s as simple as Nike says, “Just do it.”

                Do what?  What is IT?  Where do I start?  Yes, your scared voice will start asking a lot of questions, and too many of them will lead to paralysis.  Too few will lead to mistakes.  So of course, educate yourself.  It’s pretty easy these days, thanks to the internet.  And some of you will say there’s too much information and, “how will I know what is fact or fiction?”  I agree that is tricky so I usually rely on the “greatest common denominator.”  Want to find a great top voiceover blog to follow?  Google it.  The most popular ones will come up first.  Read  a few and then decide which speaks to you the best.  There are many truths out there, it’s just a matter of finding yours.  Want a recommended voiceover coach?  Look no further.  She’s right here!  Ok, ok, same thing.  Do your research, rustle up the results of the “greatest common denominator” and then do some critical analysis of method.  Again, who is speaking YOUR language?  I personally recommend you coach with both an actor and a casting director.  You will get strategy from both sides of the mic and be armed forwards and backwards with technique.  But to get back to my original point, do SOMETHING.  Something will get you somewhere, nothing will get you – well, you get the picture…..And for more inspiration from someone who’s been on that side, check out Bob Souer’s inspiring article, which gives you just the perfect gentle nudge you need.  Baby steps.  A little stumbling,  and lots of eventual forward movement.

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