What does “conversational” really mean in voiceover?

The idea of sounding conversational has long been important in voiceover work, since long gone are the days of the announcer. It has followed suit pretty similarly with the shift in acting styles in film which went from theatrical to “real.” It’s why i am not one of those “hip artsy types” who just love those black and white “classics.” They feel phony. Ok, back to vo and being conversational. Let’s get to the bottom of that word and the technique that goes along with it.
Conversational means to be talking in a personal, familiar tone with someone, looking them in the eye, actively listening. But most people think the concept stops there. It doesn’t. Not even close.
Think about all the conversations you’ve had in your life. Some were sensitive and serious, some were fun and playful, some were excited, some intense, powerful, etc. Do you see the direction we are headed in? They all meant conversing with someone and truly engaging, but the tone can be completely different for each one.
And this is where script analysis comes in. It’s crucial. So tune in next time. For now, enjoy the variety of your conversations!

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