Bust your limiting beliefs about VO

Forget voiceover, bust your limiting beliefs period, right? Ok, but one thing at a time. Our thoughts become the results in our lives, so it’s important to look at what your thoughts are. Almost as important, if not more so, than your skill. Let’s look at some of the limiting beliefs i have heard from voiceover students, whose very goal is to succeed in voice acting:

There are celebrities booking all the good jobs.
The voiceover market is over saturated.
I don’t have the time or money to learn VO.
I’m not an actor, so I’ll never be good at voice acting.
My voice isn’t interesting enough.
I’m not sure i can do that, eh, I’ll try.

Now, imagine if an Olympic athlete talked this way before a race:

The person next to me has the fastest record in the world, I’ll never beat him/her.

Not helpful right? If you’re making the decision to enter the race, you might as well decide to win it. Otherwise what is the point?

So let’s see how we can simply change the narrative to set us on the right path:

There is so much voice work out there now, especially with the internet creating more and more opportunities every day.
Celebrities only account for 5% of the work out there. It’s the workhorses like me that are needed for so much of the talking!
I can Learn to act. I can learn anything.

Ok, that’s it! It’s not a miracle. It’s not magic. It’s just a choice you make to think in a way that gets you the results you want in your career. Is it possible you are thinking in the negative in case it goes wrong and you are preparing yourself for the disappointment? Perhaps though, by already thinking this way, you are manifesting your own failure. Yes you might fail, but UNTIL THEN, believe that you will succeed. And use the language that supports that.
Thoughts become beliefs, which become feelings, which result in actions, and then Results.

You will be a successful voice actor. You WILL.

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