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I like to share the wealth every once in a while.  There are a lot of top voiceover blogs out there and it’s great to read on the subject from a completely different perspective, i.e. I’m a casting director and coach, and someone else might be a voice actor.  Yet another blog might be written by an actor who really gets how to market himself in this big sea of talent.  There is so much to learn, it’s almost overwhelming.  Yet little bits and pieces here and there can really help to start completing the big picture and giving you the sense of a grasp on the industry.

Here’s one article in the category of voiceover inspiration:


Another article focuses on your voiceover “game plan”:


And yet one more for those of you brand new to the business from someone who’s doing great now but can still remember those days himself and how he went from a voice over freshman to senior with only a few bruises and scrapes:


I noticed that there is a common link with all of us in that we all write about the same things (I have written articles on every one of these subjects as well), yet in such different languages.  I share these blogs because only you know which language you will respond to, which vibe, which perspective.  Or maybe you get something valuable from each and every one and it enhances your broad voiceover knowledge.  Voiceover education is no different from any other.  Learn, learn in different ways, from different teachers, practice, read, study, apply….If you were learning French you would take many classes where you would listen, read, speak.  Then you’d write.  Then you might rent a French flick. Then you might go to France and practice in your very own voice ordering that pain au chocolat.   Learning takes many forms.  Explore them for yourself and grow.

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