Voiceover Analysis means filling in the blanks

How do you book a voiceover audition?  The answer to this comes way before you read the script out loud.  It seems safe to say that a whopping 75% of your chances of booking that voiceover job comes from truly understanding what is happening in the script.  This has been said many times before, and we will be focusing a lot on this in the coming months here.  Let’s dive right in and take a look at a script:

You have the chance to power your own city.  How will you do it?

Energyville from Chevron is an online game that lets you choose

from a wide range of energy sources to meet the demands of your

own city.  Alternatives.  Renewables.  Oil.  Gas.  Energyville is a

chance to better understand the energy challenges we face, then

find the inspiration and know-how to solve them.

Put your ideas to work at ‘will you join us. com’

Ok.  First things first.  You’re first sentence is the make or break.  That writer will skip right over your whole take if he doesn’t approve of the foot you lead off on.  So what’s going on here?  What’s important?  Is this about YOU?  That might go without saying.  There’s a “you” listening that already assumes that when they hear it.  So move on.  POWER.  CITY.  Power a city.  Seems to be the point.  Again, “your” is not needed to be punched.  It’s assumed.  Don’t waste your attention on it.  Maybe a little bit on OWN?  There are no right answers here.  You will never have the writer, or even me, whispering in your ear.  You make a choice, any choice, and it’s infinitely better and more human than no choice.  These are the questions you start asking yourself of each sentence.  Notice words like CHANCE, UNDERSTAND, CHALLENGES, INSPIRATION, KNOW-HOW, SOLVE, IDEAS . . . Most of your answers are here already.  These words are not casual.  They are words that express importance.  They help clue you in to the overall tone of the script and also give you focal points in the sentences for where to punch up your points.  They direct your focus emotionally.  Now you have something more to DO with this script.  Look deeper now.  Find some of your own answers and interpretations.  This is what will set you apart from the pack.

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